SDSU students, welcome to the Scholarships home page. Explore the links below to learn how to find and apply for SDSU and other scholarships.

SDSU scholarships

Learn about scholarships administered by SDSU, including how to search, how and when to apply, eligibility and the selection process, essay writing tips, thank you letters, and scholarships for study abroad.

External scholarships

Learn about selected scholarships that are not administered by SDSU and how to receive your scholarship funds from the scholarship agency. Find out about how to withdraw funds from the Governor's Scholarship Program and ScholarShare.

Scholarships and your finances

Read about how your scholarship may affect your other financial aid, reporting your scholarship, postponing payments, and the meaning of "financial need."

Eligibility criteria

Find out about grades, units,  your cumulative GPA, what counts as full-time enrollment, and how to request verification of enrollment for an external scholarship.

Scholarship resources

Find search and application tips, how to plan ahead, online resources for scholarship information, and how to avoid scholarship scams.

Search for SDSU scholarships

Your main resource for finding SDSU scholarships is the SDSU Scholarship Search tool.

Thank you!

We appreciate all scholarship aid that is generously provided to further the success of SDSU students. We thank you and invite you to find information about sending scholarship funds to SDSU

New Scholarship System Coming Fall 2019!

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships is excited to announce that we are implementing a new and improved online scholarship search and application portal! Stay tuned.